Saudi Arabia 2006

Sunday, November 26, 2006

A question was asked about workers and pay. Most of the menial jobs are done by ex-patriots living in the KSA from other Muslim countries. They don't get equal pay for equal work, but they do get more than the prevailing wage in their home countries. They are men and women who leave their families behind and who have to continue to renew their work visas. Many send money home to help their families have a better life.
Unemployment is seen when people come to the KSA for a pilgrimage and then stay beyond the haij time. They live "underground" in and around Jeddah mostly and have made an industry of begging, because Muslims have an obligation to give alms to the poor. People from Asia and Africa usually come by boat and if caught are shipped back to their homelands.
Overall, the ones I've talked to are happy here, don't experience discrimination, but still have a hard life and look forward to rejoining their families "inshalla" (God willing).


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