Saudi Arabia 2006

Sunday, November 26, 2006

Tonight we toured the compound that houses many embassies from around the world. We toured an area that seemed very peaceful and "Arabian". Dick Cheney was right here yesterday discussing Iraq with HRH King Abdullah! Condi Rice was here just hours before us... too bad I wasn't invited to join the discussion as I would've given them both an earful...


At 1:18 PM, Anonymous Christine in Neotsu, OR said...

I have just returned from church. We had a responsive reading, to whom I cannot give credit (no author listed). I have changed just a couple of words so that I think it might encompass all religions. I believe there is one God, but He has many names. I believe these words echo all who have hope for peace in the world. We need to learn to be tolerant of differences in people and respect all. Here is the reading, slightly edited by me:

Thanks and praise we offer you, our God:
For shining a light into the darkness of our world, illuminating the hidden spaces with beams of hope and promise;
For shouting a word into the wilderness of our lives, filling the silent places with words of expectation and joy,
For coming to us and visiting us this day and every day with your presence, forgiving and renewing us to be your people.
For light instead of darkness,
For silence instead of fury,
For peace instead of strife,
For truth instead of illusion,
For presence instead of nothingness,
Receive our joyous thanks and praise!

Doug, I know you have a couple of days left. This has been a fun trip for me as well. I'm glad I was substituting when your original message came through on Lin's email. I look forward to the rest of your brilliant photography and information about the rest of the trip. I have enjoyed reading others' comments too. Peace.

At 10:10 PM, Anonymous Jo said...

Yeah Doug we heard Cheney was in and out of Saudi Within one day.
What a party pooper!
Hard to tell what is up in DC as political satire lovers and Repubs we know DC is not reflective of the rest of this great Country. DC is a creepy place regardless of political affiliation in the elected branches once one get a little power.

I got so angry this last election I voted for the Constitutionalist party...yeah I know tossing my vote away.

At 10:33 PM, Anonymous Langley said...

Condi was there too!
On our conservative political forum not a peep about that and the other members search news world wide.
I was even reading a Saudi Newspaper (in english) and saw they us Rueters news wire. Sheeeesh that is sooo MSMedia.
I have to go back to that political thread and see what was up with not reporting Condi being there (unless I missed it). THanks for the inside info. LOL Jo


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